How it works

There are two ways to grab your discount.

Simply show your SuperGold card when you pay inside the store and a Caltex team member will give you the 2 cents per litre discount.

Or, just load your SuperGold card into our app. Every time you scan the Caltex App QR code or use Caltex Pay-in-app you will automatically have your extra 2 cents per litre discount applied. Nice!

If you use your Caltex App or scan your Flybuys or Airpoints™ card, you can also get the Everyday Pumped 6 cents per litre discount or the 10 cents per litre discount on Super Pumped Days*. 

*The saving applies up to 50 litres of fuel. There is a minimum $40 spend when you stack for later.

Learn more about Pumped at Caltex

Read the SuperGold terms and conditions 

Where you can use SuperGold

The SuperGold offer is available nationwide, at all Caltex participating sites, including Caltex self-serve sites.

You can now redeem your SuperGold discount in your app across almost all Caltex sites. Find your nearest Pay-in-app site, then head over and fill up.