Participating Caltex sites are offering SuperGold members an additional 2 cents per litre discount on fuel when they use their SuperGold Card at selected Caltex stations, either through Caltex App or when they present their SuperGold card.

  1. SuperGold offer is available instore from 6am Tuesday 14th July 2020 and on the Caltex App using pay-in-app or the QR code from 17th November 2022, until further notice.
  2. The fuel discount is 2 cents per litre off the advertised pump price ("Fuel Discount") of all fuel grades available at participating Caltex stations.
  3. The Fuel Discount is available for customers who have loaded their SuperGold card to Caltex App or who display a valid SuperGold Card at the time of purchase.
  4. From time to time and for a period determined by us, we may also elect at our discretion to offer an extra discount off the advertised pump price on top of the Fuel Discount, up to a maximum fill of 50 litres. These terms apply and are amended as necessary to give effect to any such extra discount, which may be made available either to SuperGold members who have loaded their SuperGold card to Caltex App, or members that present a valid SuperGold card at the time of purchase, or both.
  5. The Fuel Discount may be combined with the Caltex "Pumped" discount.
  6. Unless otherwise agreed, Fuel Discounts may not be used in conjunction with any other fuel discount promotion.
  7. Fuel Discounts are not available for LPG purchases.
  8. All Fuel types may not be available at all participating service stations.
  9. The Fuel Discount is not available for Fuel purchases made using a fuel card.
  10. The Fuel Discount may be saved for use later (“Stacked”), but only if purchasing fuel using the Caltex App. Minimum $40 spend applies when Stacking for later. A Stacked Fuel Discount will expire on the last day of the month following the month in which it is accumulated. In all other respects, clauses 4 to 18 of the Pumped terms and conditions as they relate to Stacking will apply to Stacking the Fuel Discount.
  11. This offer replaces all previous SuperGold offers.
  12. SuperGold offer is only available at self-serve Caltex stations if you are using the Caltex App.
  13. There are 12 MGL sites which are excluded from this offer. They are Alma Motors, Anthony Motors, Caltex Valley, Cave General Store & Takeaway, Kurow Auto Services, Mayfield Service Centre, MGL Caltex Fairlie, MGL Northend Service Station, MGL Reliance Service Station, MGL Waterfront Road, Waimate Motor Services and Winchester Motors.


Our rights

  1. We may amend these terms at any time and for any reason, and the amended terms will become effective as soon as we have posted an updated copy on our website.
  2. We may cancel all or part of this SuperGold promotion at any time and for any reason. If we do so we may notify of the cancellation on our website, but are not obliged to do so.