How it works

Every time you fuel up at Caltex and scan your Flybuys card, or scan your Caltex App with your Flybuys card added, you’ll earn 1 Flybuys for every 20 litres of fuel purchased.

And remember, any fuel you buy over the 20 litre increments will carry over to your next purchase. So, be sure to scan your Flybuys card each time you visit us.

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Choose your reward

When you earn Flybuys, it's up to you how you're rewarded. Simply head to the Flybuys website or app and choose between Flybuys Points, New World Dollars or Z and Caltex Fuel Discounts. Don't worry if you change your mind, you can switch any time you want.

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Enjoy something extra

As a Flybuys member, you will receive special offers to earn more rewards and discounts when you fuel up, to make your day a little happier.

Keep an eye out on your inbox for the latest deals and offers.

Loads of ways to earn

As well as being able to earn Flybuys with your Flybuys card or Caltex app, you can use a Flybuys New World Clubcard to earn rewards and get Pumped Discounts.

You can also get Flybuys using Z Business fuel cards, with points added at the end of each calendar month.

Read the Flybuys Membership Terms and Conditions