Delo® Let's Go Further™

Delo® has grown to become a powerful global brand with a proven track record of exceeding the requirements of some of the largest, most demanding fleets in the world. When Standard Oil launched Delo® (short for Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil) in 1935, Delo® products have been at the forefront of lubrication innovation. Today, we continue to put our expertise to work for you, delivering a premium suite of proven products, combined with in-depth industry knowledge and a strong support network, to help ensure your business success. After all, protecting your equipment means protecting your bottom line.

ISOSYN technologyDelo’s product line formulated with ISOSYN® Technology combines highly refined base oils with advanced additives to create products that rival synthetic lubricants in critical performance tests. Delo® with ISOSYN® Technology provides extended service protection, maximises engine durability, and minimises operating costs.

Properly lubricating the inside of a heavy-duty engine requires more than just creating a protective film. Quality heavy-duty engine oils must also disperse soot and control sludge in order to help maximise your mileage and guard against loss of your engine's life. Delo® engine oils do all that and more. Delo’s product range includes:

Delo400MG15W40 5LDelo® 400 Multigrade

SAE 15W-40

Delo® 400 Multigrade is a premium performance, multi-grade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of diesel engines requiring API CI-4 PLUS, CI-4, ACEA E7 or JASO DH-1 performance lubricants operating under the most severe service conditions. It is specifically designed for the electronically controlled diesel engines, including those fitted with EGR and/or SCR systems. It's formulated with ISOSYN® Technology to provide exceptional soot dispersancy, deposit control and wear protection.

DeloSilver15W40 5LDelo Silver Multigrade

SAE 15W-40

Heavy-duty diesel engine oil designed to lubricate engines requiring API CF-4, CF/SG performance lubricants.