Because getting amongst it feels good

School sport's about way more than winning or losing. It's about having a blast with your mates, trying new things and challenging yourself.

But most importantly, playing sport feels good. Which is why we're proud to sponsor school sport through our partner, The New Zealand Sport Collective (NZSC), helping every young Kiwi experience the awesome benefits of sport.

It's more than a game...

It's a purpose

Would you believe some young Kiwis get so excited for an early game they sleep in their uniform? The sense of purpose, passion and pride in school sport is something special.

It's belonging

Shared goals, teamwork, and competition can all help build a stronger school community, and some lifelong friendships along the way.

It's feeling good

Not only does raising your heart rate raise your mood, playing sport from a young age helps develop a lifelong love of moving your body—which can only be a good thing, right?

What is the NZSC?

The cost of things like training and travel to tournaments can be a challenge. The NZSC is an organisation, led by Rob Waddell, whose goal is making sport more accessible for young people, by removing barriers and helping young Kiwis muck in, do their best and have a good time doing it.

Together, Caltex and the NZSC want to get more secondary schoolers enjoying all kinds of sports – from ultimate frisbee to rugby 7’s, diving to basketball and everything in between.