Caltex™ with Techron® keeps your engine clean on the inside, helping it run more efficiently and reliably.

What is CCDI?

Combustion chamber deposit interference (CCDI) is the result of physical contact between deposits on the piston top and the bottom of the cylinder head and is manifested as a loud, metallic banging sound when the engine is cold. CCDI is limited to the engines that have been designed primarily to reduce emissions, with minimal clearance – one millimetre or less – between some areas of the piston top and the cylinder head (squish areas) when the piston is at top dead centre.

What is CCDF?

Combustion chamber deposit flaking (CCDF) causes low-compression pressure to result, due to improper sealing of the valves. This problem occurs when pieces of CCD flake off and end up lodged between the valve face and the valve seat. Typical symptoms of CCDF are difficulty in starting and rough running when cold.

How can Caltex with Techron® help your engine run more efficiently?

Using Caltex with Techron® means you can be sure that your car's fuel system is cleaned up and kept clean. A clean engine provides for a smoother ride by ensuring optimum combustion and enhancing drivability. A car with a clean fuel system is more responsive than a car that is choked up with deposits.

Fewer deposits mean less chance of deposit-related engine problems, and can help your car maintain its tip-top condition so it stays on the road and out of the workshop.

Caltex gasolines with Techron® have the added bonus of containing a powerful demulsifier which helps separate water and minimise rust.