$7 2L Milk and Bread Terms and Conditions

Caltex C-Store bread and milk $7 dollar deal terms & conditions 

  1. What is the $7 bread and milk promotion? The $7 bread and milk promotion lets you purchase 1x 2L Milk and 1 x loaf of value bread at participating Caltex sites for only $7.00 (while stocks last).   

  2. When is the promotion available? The C-Store bread and milk promotion is available from 00:00 26 October 2020 until we decide to stop offering it. 

  3. What brands are included? Please note that participating milk and bread brands will differ between sites. For example, some sites will not offer Anchor-branded milk in their $7 deal.  Your local participating Caltex can confirm which milk and bread brands are included in its $7 deal.

  4. What types of milk and bread are included? The promotion includes selected standard blue, lite or trim milks only. It does not include all other milks, including calcium and protein-enriched milks. The promotion includes selected value bread only.  It does not include gluten free breads or other variants.

  5. Are all Caltex stations participating? No.  There are 12 MGL sites which do not offer the $7 bread and milk promotion.  They are Alma Motors, Anthony Motors, Caltex Valley, Cave General Store & Takeaway, Kurow Auto Services, Mayfield Service Centre, MGL Caltex Fairlie, MGL Reliance Service Station, MGL Waterfront Road, Waimate Motor Services and Winchester Motors). 
    There are also 13 independent sites that do not offer the $7 bread and milk promotion.  They are Birkdale Service StationCaltex Blockhouse BayCaltex Bridge StCaltex Karamu RdCaltex LevinCaltex OtumoetaiCaltex TaradaleCaltex Welcome BayCurson MotorsHanmer Springs Service Station LtdMoores Service Station (2001) LtdNoel Radd Motors Ltd, and Wakefield Auto Services Limited 

  6. Changes to these terms: We may amend these terms at any time and for any reason, and the amended terms will become effective as soon as we have posted an updated copy on our website.  

  7. Cancelling this promotion: We may cancel all or part of this Milk and Bread promotion at any time and for any reason.  If we do so we may notify of the cancellation on our website, but are not obliged to do so.