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Say hello to the Caltex App Goodie Grab!

We like giving credit where it’s due, so to say cheers for being part of the Caltex NZ App crew, we’ve kicked off the Caltex App Goodie Grab – your chance to earn tokens to put towards aweeeesome prizes!

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Grab your tokens

Whenever you fuel up at Caltex and use the Caltex NZ App before Saturday 30 November, you’ll earn Goodie Grab tokens. Here’s how:

  • Fuel up + scan the Caltex NZ App = 1 token

  • Fuel up + scan the Caltex NZ App + stack your savings = 5 tokens

Being a regular helps too - the more often you visit and use the Caltex NZ App with Pumped, the more tokens you’ll earn. 

Bags your goodies

Each token equals one entry, and you can split them between any prizes you like. Just tap on ‘Goodies’ in your Caltex NZ App to divvy up the tokens you’ve earned.

You might divide tokens between two or three prizes, or spend them all on one for more chances to win. The choice is yours – choooooice.

What’s up for grabs?

Check out the sweep prizes up for grabs!

  • $1,000 StarCash Gift Card – Be in to win a loaded StarCash Gift Card to spend on fuel and treats at Caltex.

  • 5,000 Fly Buys Points – Be in to win a massive 5,000 Fly Buys points to spend on anything from gifts to gadgets.

  • 1,000 Airpoints DollarsTM – Be in to win a huuuuuge 1,000 Airpoints DollarsTM to spend on flights and fun stuff.

We’ll get in touch with winners on Monday 9 December, so keep an eye on your inbox eh? ‘Til then, good luck and happy goodie grabbing!

> Let’s get started
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Caltex App Goodie Grab FAQ's

What prizes are up for grabs in the Goodie Grab?

  • $1,000 StarCash Gift Card
  • 5,000 Fly Buys Points
  • 1,000 Airpoints Dollars™

Can I win all the prizes?

The more Goodie Grab Tokens you allocate to a prize the more chances you have to win. If you allocate tokens to all the prizes, this means you have entries to be in to win them all.

When will the winner’s be announced?

Winners will be announced via email on Monday 9 December.

What if I can’t see Caltex App Goodie Grab in my app?

You will need to make sure your app is updated to version 2.1.2 or later. To update your app go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

What is a Goodie Grab Token?

A Goodie Grab token counts as an ‘entry’ in to the Goodie Grab Draw. E.g. if you have 10 tokens you have 10 entries. You can allocate these entries to one prize or divide them and allocate them across one, two or all the prizes. It’s your choice.

How do I earn Goodie Grab Tokens?

Each time you fuel up at Caltex with Pumped and scan your Caltex NZ App QR code you will earn 2 tokens. If you fuel up at Caltex with Pumped, choose to ‘Stack’ your discount and scan your Caltex NZ App QR code you will earn 5 tokens.

Is there a minimum spend to get a Goodie Grab Token?

You can only earn a Goodie Grab Token when you fuel up with Pumped at Caltex and scan your QR code. There is no minimum spend if you choose to ‘use’ your Pumped discount. If you choose to ‘Stack’ your Pumped discount, you will need to fuel up with $40 or more. For full Pumped terms and conditions go to

What can I do if I accidently allocate my tokens to the wrong prize?

Email let us know how many tokens you accidentally allocated to the prize and what the adjustment should be.