Airpoints and Caltex

Earn Airpoints Dollars™ every time you fill up.

Airpoints™ is Air New Zealand’s loyalty programme that rewards spending with Air New Zealand and it’s programme partners, including Caltex.

Caltex Airpoints

Earning Airpoint Dollars™
Every time you spend on fuel at Caltex and swipe your Airpoints card, or scan your Caltex app with your Airpoints card loaded, you’ll earn 1 Airpoints Dollar per 100 litres of fuel purchased.

Spending Airpoints Dollars
Making the most of Airpoints is easy. The only hard part is deciding what to spend your Airpoints Dollars on. Choose from flights, rental cars, holidays and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I collect Airpoints Dollars on fuel at Caltex? 

Every time you fill up and scan your Airpoints card you’ll earn Airpoints Dollars at the rate of 1 per 100 litres of fuel. So if you filled up today with 50 litres, you’ll get half an Airpoints Dollar added to your Airpoints Dollar balance from your visit to Caltex. And now you'll also receive Pumped fuel discounts when you use your Airpoints card too!

I have a New World Clubcard with an Airpoints logo on it, can I use it at Caltex?

New world club cards that are linked to an Airpoints account will get Pumped discounts but will not collect Airpoints Dollars. Use your Airpoints card to get both!

How do Z Business fuel cards collect Airpoints Dollars™?

Eligible Z Business fuel cards will earn Airpoints Dollars™ at a rate of 1 for every 100 litres of fuel at Z and Caltex service stations. Z Business fuel card users do not need to scan an Airpoints™ card at each transaction, instead points are calculated on total fuel purchased at the end of the calendar month. We’ll add up the total fuel spend and the Airpoints™ number registered on the Z Business account will get the Airpoints Dollars™, usually by the 10th day of the next month.

Will I get pumped discount if I pay with my Airpoints earning Credit card?

No, you will need to scan your Airpoints card to receive the Pumped discount. But, the great news is, if you also pay with your Airpoints earning credit card you will boost your Airpoints balance further. To find out more, visit Air New Zealand.

How do Airpoints™ promotions work?

Sometimes we offer extra rewards, this can be double, triple or quadruple the Airpoints Dollars™, you will get bonus Airpoints Dollars™ on any full and partial Airpoints Dollars™ earned during the promotional period.

Airpoints Collection Terms and Conditions

Retail customer terms and conditions for collecting Airpoints DollarsTM at Caltex (effective from 1 August 2019):

  1. Airpoints members are eligible to collect Airpoints Dollars at participating Caltex service stations.
  2. To collect Airpoints Dollars, you need provide us with your Airpoints membership number at the time you make a purchase, either by swiping your valid Airpoints card or by scanning an app that has your Airpoints membership number loaded onto it.
  3. You will collect Airpoints Dollars at a rate equivalent to 1 Airpoints Dollar per 100 litres of fuel (petrol and diesel) purchased.
  4. We may also make limited time Airpoints Dollars offers direct to selected Airpoints members at our discretion.
  5. You will collect points when you use a StarCash gift card to pay for qualifying items, but not when you purchase the StarCash gift card.
  6. You are not eligible to collect Airpoints Dollars on:
    a) cash withdrawn as part of an EFTPOS transaction; or
    b) purchases made at businesses which are located with a Caltex service station but that are run independently of Caltex.
  7.  Airpoints Dollars earned at Caltex will be loaded to your Airpoints account within 14 working days of your purchase, subject to promotion terms and conditions.
  8. IMPORTANT: Airpoints Dollars cannot be collected at Caltex using an Airpoints-linked New World Clubcard. You can use an Airpoints-linked New World Clubcard to access the Pumped Programme, however you will not be entitled to collect Airpoints Dollars on the relevant purchase.