Corporate StarCash card

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Big Adventures start with StarCash

How they work

When a StarCash card is swiped for payment, the cost of the purchase is deducted from the card’s value, and a receipt is issued advising the cardholder of the card’s remaining dollar value.

Other key points to note

All new StarCash cards are produced with a 24 month expiry from the date of issue. 

You can use the card until your balance is finished or the card expires, whatever comes first. StarCash cards cannot be topped up and reused.

StarCash cards transact through the EFTPOS system, and can only be used when the system is online and operating.

Read about StarCash terms and conditions and view participating stations.

Check your balance

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If you want to learn more about Caltex StarCash, or have any questions, email or call 0800 733 835.

Frequently asked questions

How will I know when my StarCash card expires?

The issue date should be written on the back of your StarCash card, so the card will expire 24 months after this date. If the issue date is not legible, you can check the expiry date.

How do I know how much has been loaded on my StarCash card?

The card will have the initial load value written on the front of the StarCash card, or it may have the initial load value printed on the back. If the initial load value is illegible for any reason, you can check how much is loaded online.

How can I find out the balance of the card?

You can check the card balance online anytime here and entering your StarCash card details. Please note you may have to register with an email address to do this. Alternatively you can check the balance at a participating Caltex retail site.

When you pay with your StarCash card, the till receipt will display the balance remaining on your StarCash card, if any.

How do I use my StarCash card?

When you want to use your StarCash card at a participating Caltex retail site, simply let the site retailer know how you intend to pay. You then swipe your card through the EFTPOS terminal, select CREDIT for the transaction type, then key in the 4 digit PIN that is under the scratch panel on the back of your StarCash gift card.

You can make a split payment with StarCash, by topping up your transaction with another form of payment.

You can use your StarCash gift card as many times as it takes to use up the entire balance on the card, but it cannot be reloaded with funds.

Where can I use my StarCash card?

You can use your StarCash card at any participating Caltex Retail site. Please note that StarCash may not be used at unattended sites, such as truck stops.

What happens when my StarCash gift card expires, or if it gets lost / damaged?

Once your StarCash gift card expires, it becomes invalid and the remaining balance can no longer be used. We encourage you to completely spend the funds loaded on your card in the 24 months you have available to do so. Please treat your StarCash gift card like cash - if it gets lost or damaged it cannot be replaced.

Is there anything I can’t purchase at a Caltex retail outlet?

There are some products that cannot be purchased with a StarCash gift card, such as other gift cards or vouchers, and some prepay items such as Prepay Power or Mobile topups. Check out the Terms and Conditions here.