How it works

Every time you spend on fuel at Caltex and swipe your Airpoints card, or scan your Caltex app with your Airpoints card loaded, you’ll earn 1 Airpoints Dollar™ per 100 litres of fuel purchased.

So if you fill up with 50 litres, you'll get half an Airpoints Dollar, and so on.

You'll also receive Pumped fuel discounts when you use your Airpoints card.

Spending Airpoints Dollars

Making the most of Airpoints is easy. The only hard part is deciding what to spend your Airpoints Dollars on. With a choice of flights, rental cars or over 9,000 different products from the Airpoints™ Store the world truly is your oyster.

Airpoints promotions

Sometimes we offer extra rewards. This could be promotions like double, triple or quadruple the Airpoints Dollars, and you'll get bonus Airpoints Dollars on any full and partial Airpoints Dollars earned during the promotional period. Nice!

Which card to use

To earn Airpoints and make the most of Pumped either scan your Caltex App with your Airpoints details loaded or use your Airpoints card.

You can also earn Airpoints using Z Business fuel cards, with points added at the end of each calendar month.

For more info, see the terms and conditions.