We’ve made GoClear diesel exhaust fluid available at selected Caltex truck stops around the country to assist our commercial customers with reducing their fleets' exhaust emissions. You can now fill your diesel exhaust fluid tanks at our Bombay, Otorohanga and Rolleston truck stops.


GoClear is a specialised diesel exhaust fluid made in New Zealand by Ballance Agri-Nutrients, designed to meet the requirements of the latest generation of diesel trucks, buses and tractors utilising selective catalytic reduction (SCR). This technology controls harmful emissions and can reduce fuel consumption.

GoClear is injected into the exhaust system in conjunction with the on-board computer (from a separate on-board tank) when the vehicle is under load. This technology virtually eliminates nitrogen oxides, providing environmental benefits through reducing pollutants into the atmosphere and ensures vehicles meet the stringent Euro IV and Euro V emission requirements.

You can now purchase GoClear from selected Caltex truck stops using your Caltex StarCard. If you would like more information about GoClear at Caltex or how Caltex can help you manage your fleet's fuel requirements please email our customer services team at cxservice@z.co.nz and we’ll get straight back to you.


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