Diesel truck stops

With more than 70 Techron® D truck stops across the country, we’ve got your fleet covered.


As well as having one of the largest truck stop networks in the country, we've also been upgrading many of our truck stops over recent years so you can enjoy the benefits of a modern and efficient truck stop network:

  • More refuelling lanes mean trucks get in and out faster, cutting down your fleet's waiting time.

  • Bigger fuel tanks mean more fuel available any time - day or night.

  • High flow hoses mean with a max flow rate of 120 litres per minute, refuelling is faster than ever.

  • Caltex Diesel with Techron D® is proven to give less foam, making refuelling cleaner and faster for your fleet. Read about other benefits here.

StarCard 2010 green noChip1To access our network of truck stops you'll need to sign up to Caltex StarCard®.

With a Caltex StarCard account you'll enjoy the benefits of easy online fleet management with visibility over all your fuel costs and simplified paperwork, so you can spend more time driving your business than running it.

Find out more here or call 0800 733 835 and enjoy the journey with us.