Commercial and industrial products

At Caltex we’re proud to provide quality fuel products right across NZ’s commercial and industrial sector.

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From small local manufacturers to some of the country’s largest companies, we’ll get your business energised and prepped for productivity. We believe one of the things that sets us apart from the rest, is our focus on building and maintaining strong, positive partnerships with our commercial and industrial customers. We have a team of industry experts who are eager to understand your company’s energy needs and ensure your operations are paired with the right fuel solutions. 


Caltex diesel fuel

Auto Diesel FuelWe produce a premium grade diesel fuel for use in high-speed automotive diesel engines and industrial machines and applications. With a sulfur level of no more than 10 ppm, our diesel fuel will efficiently power the latest clean diesel vehicles fitted with advanced emissions control technologies and it is also perfectly suitable for older-technology engines.

Featuring a high cetane index and controlled distillation characteristics, Caltex diesel fuel helps to ensure easy engine start-up and smooth combustion for reliable performance.

Caltex diesel fuel is a multipurpose fuel that can also replace heating oil for steam raising and industrial heating in small domestic-style boilers and burners, right through to much larger industrial packaged boilers designed for diesel heating oil.

Our Caltex diesel fuel meets the requirements set out in New Zealand’s Engine Fuel Specifications Regulations for diesel, which provides standards for cetane, lubricity, cleanliness and other performance parameters, so all our customers can be confident they’re fuelling their businesses with quality.


Caltex marine and industrial fuel oils

We produce a wide range of residual fuel oils for marine and industrial applications. With excellent ignition quality our range of fuel oils are proven to efficiently power low and medium speed diesel engines both in stationary and marine operations, and can also be used as heating oils in commercial and industrial installations. All our fuel oils meet stringent quality specifications.

Because we know reliability of fuel supply is so important to our customers’ operations, we deliver different fuel products in a number of ways; some can be hauled across country in road tankers, others are delivered via marine fuel tanker vessels and other products are available at ports and inland terminals.  

Our wide range of fuel oils and distribution channels makes Caltex a great source of energy to propel your business forward.

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If you would like to learn more about our diesel fuel or our marine and industrial fuel oils email or phone 0800 733 835 to talk to one of our commercial and industrial business consultants.