The Caltex Star, our symbol of quality, value and service, is a constant reminder of our commitment to you. To help you recharge and refuel, not just your vehicle but your whole self.

Handy locations, modern facilities, high-quality products, fast and friendly service.... it's our aim to offer you the lot. And we’re always on the lookout for new partnerships and cool ideas to help you on your way.


Our journey

Over the last 80 years, Caltex has brought you many world firsts in both our fuels and our service, and we're proud to continue that tradition for customers across the country.

On 1 June 2016, Chevron New Zealand, who operated the Caltex brand in New Zealand, was acquired by Z Energy Ltd. Z Energy currently operates the Caltex network in New Zealand using the brand under licence from Chevron International.

Today, there are more than 140 Caltex service stations and 64 truck stops around New Zealand. All dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, day in, day out – wherever you go.


Helping you feel good

At Caltex, we're all about enjoying the journey – giving Kiwis everything they need to make each trip a little better, easier or more memorable. From the Christmas roadie to the daily drive, we believe every journey is worth enjoying – and worth improving – so we never stop finding new ways to do just that.


Locally operated service stations

Our network of service stations are all operated by independent retailers who take pride in offering a fast, friendly, locally focused customer experience – plus great everyday fuel savings through Pumped. Drop in and say hi!


Quality fuels and lubricants

Refuelling with Caltex with Techron® and Caltex Diesel with Techron® D fuels, and Delo® and Havoline® lubricant products, gives you peace of mind that you’ve filled up with quality. So you can leave Caltex fully prepped and ready to hit the road again.


Great commercial facilities

Our expansive network of truck stops and lubricant distributor stores takes the hassle out of refuelling. They also provide our commercial transport customers with the reliability and ef­ficiency they need to keep their wheels of industry turning.


Z Business Plus for easy fleet management

With the Z Business Fuel fuel card, you and your team will save 8c per litre every day at more than 550 stations and truck stops around the country. Plus you've got the choice of Flybuys or Airpoints™.

And when it comes to management, you can personalise cards by user, customise spending controls, and view and report on spend online. It’s all part of an easier, safer, more flexible way to control on-road expenses – and all without unnecessary fees.

More about Z Business Plus

We’ve been fuelling Kiwis’ journeys for nearly 80 years. So whether our customers are managing a fleet or a family budget, we’re here to make sure that wherever they’re going, they get there with a smile.