Operate a Caltex station

If you’re interested in owning your own Caltex service station, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0800 733 835.

Caltex service stations have been fuelling all kinds of engines and serving our local communities for nearly 80 years. With Caltex's rich heritage and highly regarded market strength, you can be sure that partnering with Caltex will propel your business towards success. 

Benefits of joining us

We are committed to being an outstanding business partner. Here are some of the key benefits you stand to enjoy as a Caltex retailer. 

  • The partner with experience

We are very proud of our partnerships with our retailers and know that running a business is a big step and an enormous task. As partners, we are always by your side - offering valuable support and assistance at every step. 

  • Fuel card solutions that anchor volume

Our convenient fuel card products and the Pumped programme which reward you with fuel discounts and Flybuys or Airpoints™ are just some of the reasons businesses and motorists keep coming back.

  • Quality products

Our high-quality products like Caltex with Techron® petrol, Caltex Diesel with Techron D, Delo® and Havoline® engine oils have been trusted and loved by motorists for many years.

  • Total ownership & long term investment

As a chosen retail partner, you will retain complete ownership of the land and business operations. 

  • Flexibility in set up 

Enjoy greater flexibility in business. Customise your promotional offerings to suit your business and customers' needs.