Divestment FAQs

In June 2016, Z acquired Chevron New Zealand’s transport fuels and lubricants businesses and its supply of fuel to Caltex branded stations. Z obtained clearance from the Commerce Commission to acquire Chevron New Zealand subject to an undertaking to divest 19 service stations and one truck stop in specified geographical areas. These sites will move across to another brand and continue to supply fuel to their local community.

We appreciate that this activity may raise questions for some people, and we have tried to cover these off below. We will continue to update this page as we progress through the process.

Why are sites being divested?

In June 2016, Z acquired Chevron New Zealand’s (which marketed the Caltex brand) transport fuels and lubricants businesses and its supply of fuel to its stations. As part of this acquisition, Z obtained clearance from the Commerce Commission subject to an undertaking to divest 19 service stations and one truck stop in specified geographical areas.


How were the 19 regions chosen?

The 19 regions were selected by the Commerce Commission, and are areas across the country where the Commission believes competition could be lessened as a result of Z’s purchase of the Caltex network. For the most part, this is in areas where, without divestment, the only available options for customers would be either a Z or a Caltex supplied service station.


When will the sites close?

Don’t worry – no site will actually be closing permanently. While we’ll be sad to go, the great news is that a service station operating under a different brand will open its place. There will be a little downtime between us closing and the new site opening, but we don’t expect that to be any longer than 7 working days. Your local friendly retailer continues as well.


Will the site be shut during the change?

Our aim is to complete any de-branding work safely, while making sure the site is spick and span for the new team to take over. We hope to be open throughout this change however at times there maybe some pumps and/or tills closed off. We appreciate that this may be a little frustrating however safety is paramount for site staff, contractors and customers.


Will it be business as usual (eg. fully operational) until it closes? 

We’re committed to completing this divestment process with as little disruption to our customers as possible. Our aim is to continue to operate as normal, providing our top quality fuels, products, services and loyalty offers right up until the site closes.


How are you deciding whether to divest the Z or the Caltex in each of the 19 locations?

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when selecting which site in each geographic location to change across to a new brand – these include things like site age and locations, fuel volumes, and the potential impact on customers, retailers /dealers, and site staff. This was not an easy decision, and one very much subject to negotiations with prospective purchasers.


Will there still be a petrol station in that location or will it become something else?

For each location the divested site will become a different brand of service station, which will open shortly after the Caltex brand is removed. Together with the new retailers, our focus is on ensuring the site is up and running again within 7 working days, though it may take a little longer to get the shop and the overall site looking and feeling just how the new brand wants it to.

I visited a Z site on your divestment station list today and no one told me that it is closing. Why are you trying to hide it?

At Caltex we pride ourselves on customer service and we’re definitely committed to being up front with our customers and other stakeholders around any site that is being divested. We’ve got signage and information brochures on display at each of the sites we’re divesting, and we’ve also created this page of FAQs. If there’s anything additional you’d like to know, feel free to get in touch with a member of the team on cxservice@z.co.nz.


What’s happening to my favourite Z / Caltex site team?

While the brand out front might be changing, your local retailer continues to own/operate the service station and continues to employ their staff directly.


Are you going to open another Z or Caltex station nearby?

We haven’t made any decisions yet regarding new Z or Caltex service stations in the future. Our focus is very much on ensuring we complete this divestment process safely, and with as little disruption to our customers, and to our site teams, as possible. 


I have Caltex StarCash. Where can I redeem it now?

Not to worry! You’ll be pleased to know that all Caltex StarCash can still be redeemed at any other participating Caltex service station across the country. Check the table above to find out where your new local Caltex is.