Caltex Loyalty Programme Change

From 1 August 2019, Caltex will offer its customers the Pumped loyalty programme.

On 6 June 2019, we informed our customers that AA Smartfuel have chosen to end the agreement with Caltex effective 31 July 2019.

With the agreement ending, Caltex customers that hold an AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card will no longer be able to use their card through the Caltex service station network from 12am 1 August 2019.

Caltex offers its customers the Pumped loyalty programme which provides the opportunity for motorists to save on fuel everyday simply by using the Caltex app, or scanning their Flybuys or Airpoints™ membership cards.

Between now and 31 July 2019, if you’re an AA Smarfuel or AA Member, you can continue to earn and accumulate and redeem your AA Smartfuel discounts through Caltex. We look forward to seeing at your local Caltex soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Caltex leaving AA Smartfuel?

AA Smartfuel have decided to end the agreement with Caltex; therefore, Caltex will no longer be part of the AA Smartfuel programme after 31 July 2019. From 1 August 2019, we’ll be offering our customers the Pumped loyalty offer instead.

Can motorists still use their AA Smartfuel discounts at Caltex?

Yes. AA Smartfuel cardholders can continue to save and redeem discounts on fuel up to and including 31 July 2019 as per the current AA Smartfuel terms and conditions.

If AA Smartfuel cardholders have saved discounts and wish to redeem them specifically at Caltex they will only be able to do so up to 31 July 2019.

When will Caltex exit AA Smartfuel?

The last day that Caltex will participate in the AA Smartfuel programme is 31 July 2019 - until then, you can still use/accumulate AASF discounts at Caltex. 

When will Caltex’s new programme Pumped start? 

1 August 2019.

What is the Pumped programme?

Pumped allows motorists to save everyday on fuel simply by using the Caltex app, or scanning their Flybuys or Airpoints™ membership cards at participating Caltex retail service stations. 

What will I need to do to take part?

All you need is the Caltex app, or a Flybuys or Airpoints™ card.