Keeping you safe- COVID19 Update.


Updated: 31.03.2020

Here you'll find our response to COVID-19.  We'll be updating this regularly. 

Pumped Discount Expiry Update:  With many customers unable to get to their local Caltex service station we are temporary extending the Pump Discount expiry period. Until further notice Pumped discounts can be used up until the end of the second calendar month following the month in which they were earned. For example, a fuel discount earned on 1 through 29 February will expire on 30 April. This means you now have between one and three months to use your Pumped discounts


Misinformation Alert

We have seen a message being spread on some social media channels about the risk of catching COVID-19 through petrol pumps.  Please know that this is not an official health notification, and there is no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread via petrol pumps.  If you would prefer to minimise contact, you can use a paper towel (available at all Caltex service stations) to hold the pump, and you can use Contactless Payments (PayWave) to pay, as well as our App based payment options.  There is more information about these options below.

For reliable advice about COVID-19 please visit  


Keeping Safe 

This is a time of change and uncertainty for everyone. Caltex is committed to keeping our customers and site staff safe and well, and we're doing everything we can to support you and keep you safe when you visit. 

Visiting a Caltex service station

Our stations: Whilst we’re making some changes to keep customers and staff safe during COVID-19, we are still open.  To find your local Caltex, visit

Cleaning: We’ve increased the level and frequency of cleaning high touch areas including  Eftpos Terminals, doors, counters and pump nozzles.

Keeping our hands clean: Staff on site are regularly washing their hands.

Social Distancing: Staff are, wherever practical, keeping a distance of at least one metre between people


Keep yourself safe

Follow all instructions: We ask for your support in keeping our sites safe by using good handwashing and hygiene procedures, and please refrain from coming onto a Caltex site if you are feeling unwell. 


Contact us.

If you need to contact us, please call 0800 REFUEL (0800 733 835), email us at or if you are a business customer or message us on Facebook or Linked In.



New Zealand Government COVID-19 Information: Click Here.

Ministry of Health: Click Here.